Jennilee Marigomen

Jennilee Marigomen (b.1982) is a Vancouver based photographer, whose work explores everyday phenomenon. A winner of several awards, including The Magenta Foundation’s Flash Forward Emerging Photographer Award in 2010, her work has been exhibited locally, nationally and internationally.

…her images contain a blatantly beautiful poetic whimsy, as well as the sense that you are privy to a moment which is simultaneously ordinary and extraordinary…

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A large part of my photography is about the subtleties and displacement within nature and urban environments. Vancouver is a place where there is an ongoing tension between urbanity and natural intervention and vice versa, so you can find many interesting things on the shortest of walks. The slower pace of the city causes me to observe and reflect a lot, especially when I’m walking from one place to another. By being in that mindset, I can pick up on natural subtleties.

From: Conversation with Jennilee Marigomen, April 30th, 2013, Études Full interview can be found here.




Walking is a very important part of my work. When I am walking, I am usually listening to music. That is when I am the most perceptive and in-tune with my surroundings. I’ve mentioned this before in a past interview.. but I remember one day last year when I was walking home from work with my camera. It is normally a 10 minute walk. There was a sweet light coming through the trees. I was in a pensive mindset, the right music was playing in my headphones, and I was taking everything in through my senses. I could hear the sounds of leaves rustling mixed with the camera shutter, the smells, the feeling of the wind on my skin. The stimulation of my senses brings me into a state of awareness that make me aware of the subtleties around me. The normally 10 minute walk lasted hours.

From: Conversation with Jennilee Marigomen, April 30th, 2013, Études Full interview can be found here.



More examples of Jennilee’s beautiful, quiet and colorful work can be found on her website here and on her Instagram here.


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