David Hoffos talks about Overpass

David Hoffos discusses his artwork Overpass, 2007 featured in the National Gallery of Canada exhibition Builders: Canadian Biennial 2012.

David Hoffos (b. 1966, Montreal, Quebec) currently lives and works in Lethbridge, Alberta. He is widely recognized for unique illusionist installations that draw their inspiration from archaic special effects and cinematic techniques. The CPPS commissioned a body of work from David a few ago and the results were breathtaking….

From our website:

Hoffos’ whimsical buffet of Japanese Cooking is marked by a convergence of the artist’s interests in stereo photography, lenticular postcards, pop-up cut-outs and – of course – vintage cookbook illustration. Like much of his installation work, the works create primitive, momentary 3D illusions. The found images are carefully manipulated by hand – cut, bent, folded, propped up – to create an appearance of dimensionality from a 2D source, an effect enhanced by the magnifying lens. The technique used is similar to the traditional craft of paper tolle. His choice of subject is no accident: the artist states, “Japanese Cooking is all about visual appeal and presentation – simple ingredients prepared with craft and care.”

More of  David’s work can be found here. 

About CPPS

The Canadian Photographic Portfolio Society publishes limited edition photographic portfolios of work by Canadian artists. Formed in 1986, the Society’s aim is to support the development of Canadian photographic art and raise its international profile. We are a non-profit society operated by a volunteer board of arts professionals. We commission works from established artists who have already made an important contribution to contemporary art.


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