Ian Wallace at Rennie Collection

Summer 2013

Collected Works

July 13, 2013 – Oct 5, 2013

VANCOUVER – Rennie Collection is pleased to present an exhibition of works by a selection of internationally renowned artists: Pablo Bronstein, Aaron Curry, Andrew Grassie, Louise Lawler, Mike Nelson, Roman Ondak and Ian Wallace.

While all of these artists have their own distinctly unique styles and practices, the exhibit creates a unifying dialogue surrounding a conceptual questioning of the museum as an entity and ideas regarding space and movement. These works, pertaining to or involving centers of artistic presentation such as museums or galleries, have been dubbed in the canon of art history as “institutional critique”.

Louise Lawlor, Objects, 1984 Ed. 3/5

Black and white photograph
29 ¼ × 33 ¼ inches (74.3 × 84.5 cm)

Ian Wallace (b. 1950) works in a space occupied by both painting and photography, highlighting the discourse between the two mediums. Using abstract painting as a grounding for the photographic image, Wallace presents us with an intersection of images and histories that prompt a reconsideration of how viewers view works of art. In the Museum (Peter Halley Series III) (1989) references aesthetic and social issues through the exchange systems of the studio, the museum and the street.

Wallace_coverInstallation shot from Ian Wallace’s solo show “At the Intersection of Painting and Photography” at the Vancouver Art Gallery earlier this year.

Rennie Collection has evolved over a number of years to focus on works related to identity, social injustice, appropriation, painting and photography. Bob Rennie has garnered an international reputation as a dedicated collector, amassing one of the largest collections of contemporary art in Canada. In 2009, renovations were completed on the oldest building in Vancouver’s Chinatown to display the collection to the public. Rennie Collection at Wing Sang holds three exhibitions a year with supporting catalogues and events.


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